About XMC

We have many datapacks that we believe enhance the vanilla experience and makes it more enjoyable in the long term. See the full list here in a convenient Google doc.

Join the Servers

We proudly run our vanilla and creative servers with DedicatedMC.

• Vanilla – Whitelisted and running Fabric server mods, so you can join on a completely vanilla client. Currently on 1.16. Apply at apply.xmcnet.work.

• Creative – Our general do-whatever test server. It runs the same version as Vanilla (and your whitelist comes bundled!).

User Reviews

XMC is the community you've always wanted to be a part of. We love to create fun and unique environments, and with every season brings new inspiration.

- X_A_Z


This is my first season of XMC and it's been great so far. Everyone is very engaged and welcoming, and it's a great server for people enthusiastic about playing on an active SMP server.

- DaTrainBoi


XMC IS AWESOME! Very committed, realistic, mature, and friendly staff. Discord chat is a ton of fun, lots of great builders, and amazing interactions. XMC is one of if not the best server I’ve been a part of and I intend to be a part of it for years to come! 10/10!

- SheratonXIX


XMC is the only server I've played on for as long as I have. The game isn't ruined by too many datapacks or plugins, so it keeps the vanilla feel. The community is welcoming and well moderated thanks to the staff team, who have a great sense of humor.

- Shahayhay


Help support the servers!

If we reach $80/month then we can afford a dedicated server which allows for a bunch more control so if you like this server and you have some money spare we'd appreciate it thanks https://patreon.com/xmc